09 November, 2009

More about the Parks and Trails Foundation

The Chisago County Parks and Trails Foundation works to act as advocates for pedestrians, bicyclists, in-line skaters and anyone else seeking transportion, and recreation by non-motorized means throughout Chisago County, Minnesota. Our group members attend city council, planning commission, park board and other governmental meetings in towns and cities, gathering information about upcoming transportation and parks projects and speaking about the benefits of trails.

Over the past 17 years, members of the Foundation, as well as volunteers from the Bike Path Task Force (the groups original volunteer organization) have given countless hours, talent and energy toward creating and improving the network of trails within the county.

The Parks and Trails Foundation's relationship to the Chisago County Government is one of advisement only. We receive no funding from the County and have no powers associated with County Agencies. The Task Force does not act with direction from the County Board although the Board does endorse and support our activities with respect to creating new recreation opportunities within the county. The County has asked the Director of Parks and Trails to work with our group - which he has since 1992.

This new web presence supplements our original site www.ccbiketrail.org