17 November, 2009

A Successful Day of Giving

Thanks for Giving to the MAX.  Our first effort at online fundraising is a success!  Over $800 has been donated to support efforts to build the Swedish Immigrant Trail!  Thank you to all who contributed and all who took a moment to learn more about the trail.  Your participation is vital to the Parks and Trails Foundation effort to create multi-use trails for the enjoyment and health of Minnesotans.  Your support may one day provide access to places like one pictured above, a bit of the historic Taylor's Falls and Lake Superior Railroad bed east of Wyoming near the Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area.


Lisa August 2, 2010 at 11:06 AM  

We just used the Shafer segment this weekend for the first time - it's a beautiful little trail. What a great asset this trail will be for all our communities when finished. I envision visitors to the state park in Taylors Falls riding bikes along the trail, stopping for lunch, then gliding back down the trail to where they started and locals heading out for a weekend family bike ride or for regular exercise.

Are there any current initiatives for the trail? And how would I get involved if interested?