15 November, 2009

The Shafer Segment

In 2007, Chisago County received a grant from the MN DNR to construct a demonstration segment of the Swedish Immigrant Trail.  With agreements from the City of Shafer and property purchased from supportive landowners, approximately 2 miles of trail were constructed.

The trail runs east and west of County Highway 21 from a small trail head located near 303rd Street.  The image above shows work proceeding in a wooded stretch just west of the water treatement facility.

Portions of the trail follow the historic railroad alignment and pass along side the well known American Bison herd of a regionally famous cheese and gift boutique.  The view above shows the trail under construction near the bison pasture.  The main heading of this page also shows the bison.

The trail segment was unofficially open for most of the summer, following a short period of construction.  Local residents, including many young children, use the trail for exercise and as a place to play.  Pictured above, Parks and Trails Foundation members Bill and Mary try out the new pavement with their recumbent trike on an early fall afternoon.

With a light rain falling on October 6th, 2007 the trail officially opened.  The image above shows the eastern part of the segment, which follows the historic railbed through a grove of mixed hardwoods.